Bridgestone Motorcycle Tires For You, Me and MotoGP

If Bridgestone motorcycle tires are good enough for MotoGP (the premier class of motorcycle roadracing) you know they can take care of your needs. Bridgestone motorcycle tires are arguably among some of the best you can buy. I have personally worn out a few of them on my Triumph Daytona, so I can vouch for them being more than up to the task of giving me the grip and confidence I need for the type of aggressive sport riding I like to do.

What does Bridgestone hang their hat on in terms of bragging on their tires and why they're better than the competition?

Well, first they'll tell you that they won the tire war of the top class of road racing in the motorcycle world: MotoGP. They ousted Michelin, a company with a long history of supplying title-winning tires to grand prix teams.

Then they'd probably tell you about the developments they've made in racing that has found its way into their road tires.

One of the things that racing often requires are “dual compound” tires. This means there are two different kinds or “compounds” of rubber used on different parts of the tire. Softer compounds offer more grip, but less wear and harder compounds offer more life, but at the expense of grip. It's a balancing act to get good mileage out of your tires while giving the grip you need in various riding conditions on the street or the track.

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Bridgestone Battlax BT-002 Rear Tire

Battlax BT002

Bridgestone's Battlax BT002 uses dual compound technology. When you're going straight down the road and riding on the middle part of the tire, stability and wear resistance are of primary importance. They use a harder compound in the middle (they call it "medium" compound because it's a pretty sticky tire). The edge of the tire needs to provide the grip to pull you through the corners, which is especially important when you're riding aggressively. So, a soft compound is used on the shoulders.

One interesting piece of tech is the mono spiral belt. This means they wrap the circumference of the tire with one continuous strand of... something, and it eliminates the overlapping of belts. And that's a good thing, they claim. It also supposedly results in a lighter tire and generates less heat. Most other radial tires have “cross belts” that lay across the tread of the tire and there are definitely seams involved with that!

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