Motorcycle Magazines Keep You Up to Speed

Motorcycle magazines... there's just something about them. Sure, the web can be more immediate and up-to-date, but it's hard to beat holding one in your hands and reading up on the latest info on your favorite motorcycling niche.

Besides, it's kind of hard to surf the web when you're, um, "having a sit-down". Whether you're a cruiser fan, crotch rocket pilot, biker babe, stunter, motocross or road race fan, there's definitely one for you.

Here are some of the motorcycle mags I like best and some I've come across recently. Some will have separate review pages.

Motorcyclist Magazine tends toward the sportbike end of the moto spectrum, but has recently emphasized articles on dirt bikes as well as more coverage on cruisers and standards. They've got the typical first rides and comparison articles on the newest, trickest bikes as you'd expect. And now they've recently revamped a few things like a new tech column by motorcycle designer James Parker and a column on riding technique. by Keith Code, author of the "A Twist of the Wrist" books.

For me, Motorcyclist was one of the first motorcycle magazines I subscribed to and has been the one I'm sure not to miss. Their test articles have a healthy dose of attitude, but offer helpful critiques with a finer-tuned throttle hand than I'll probably ever have.

Cycle World Magazine is a close cousin to Motorcyclist Magazine. Cycle World seems to have a better balance of sportbikes and other types of motorcycles, in my experience. They still have write-ups on the latest and greatest bikes and gear and other essential motorcycling products.

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