Continental Motorcycle Tires: Gaining Respect from Reliable Sources

Continental motorcycle tires are probably not the first name you think of when you’re thinking about buying tires for your bike. In recent years, Conti has been building a reputation as a very competent tire choice, even for sport bikes. They aren’t

discount motorcycle tires and with their prices being comparable to similar offerings from Bridgestone and other top brands, they’re betting they can be competitive with the best tires out there. Let’s take a look at the sporting rubber from Continental.

ContiSport Attack

I became aware of Continental motorcycle tires a few years ago when I read a motorcycle tire review in Motorcyclist magazine. Their hired gun, Barry Burke reviewed the ContiSport Attack on the street and on the track and said the front was among the best sport tires he had tested. Racers get most of their feel and confidence to push hard with the front tire since it does the steering and gives feedback when braking hard. With a racer like Burke giving that kind of praise, you know that the 98% of us that can’t use tires like he can will be well taken care of. So, it gets the stamp of approval for track duty from a card-carrying racer even though he notes that “dedicated track rubber” would be a better choice for A-level track riders. But for street riding and the occasional track day, the ContiSport Attack gets high marks from one of my primary sources. That's good enough to put it on my list.

Tech Stuff:

  • Conti’s “Black Chilli” compound has a very short warm-up period
  • Excellent dry and wet grip
  • Good control under heavy braking
  • 0° steel-belted construction, gives excellent stability at high speeds
  • “Continuous Compound Technologie” is a controlled temperature curing process where Conti says they keep the edges of the tire softer for increased grip while making the center of the tire a bit harder for increased wear resistance, thus eliminating the need for a dual-compound tire
  • ContiForce Max

    One of the most intriguing things about the ContiForce Max is the tread design in my opinion. The tread looks pretty much like other performance motorcycle tires until you get out to the edges. The shoulders of the tire have a slick design, which puts more rubber when riding at extreme lean angles. This gives you more grip when you need it most.

    The price is lower than a lot of comparable sport bike tires, so that's something to consider also.

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