Dunlop Motorcycle Tires Come From A Long History of Racing

Dunlop motorcycle tires are used on every race bike in the AMA road racing championship, so you know they have a whole lot of development behind them. But Dunlop makes more than just sport bike tires. They have a full line to satisfy all breeds of rider: sport, racing, touring, motocross.
They even have a line of tires specifically made for Harley-Davidson riders that are available from OEM dealers only! The Dunlop motorcycle tire website ( has some pretty interesting videos illustrating different aspects of their motorcycle tire design features. Of course, they’re trying to sell you tires, but it’s good to know some of a particular company’s buzz words when you are considering buying from them. You can decide if it’s just hype or not afterward. If you’re a “buy American” type, they say Dunlop motorcycle tires are the only ones manufactured in North America with a plant in Buffalo, New York that has been operating since 1923. Of course, they are not saying that all of the motorcycle tires they sell in North America are made here, so watch out for the “made-in-USA” logo.
Dunlop also has a “tire selector” on their site that recommends a model of tire for a particular motorcycle. This is a good thing to check if you are considering Dunlop motorcycle tires for your bike. Then you can find a dealer to go to or an online retailer to buy them from.

Sport Bike Tires

Dunlop’s marketing buzzwords and acronyms are in force especially on their sport bike tires. Just like most top manufacturers these days, they have dual compound tires (Dunlop’s MT Multi-Tread technology). This is pretty technical, but to us riders, it just means the center of the tire is tougher for longer wear and the shoulders are made from a compound that gives more grip when you have the bike leaned over. This is obviously most important on tires that will be used on high-performance sport bikes that are used for aggressive street riding and on the race track for a track day, for example.
This category of tires includes sport touring type, for bikes that can eat up the curves and reel in the miles while getting you there in comfort.

Touring Tires

The model names become a little less flashy when you get away from the sporty tires, but tires don’t have a glamorous job. These tires are all about wet-weather traction that riders out for longer rides need to be concerned about.

The Rest

Dunlop also makes tires for Harley-Davidsons, scooters, and a host of off-road bikes from motocross to desert and trials.