With a Motorcycle Lock You’ll Find Your Bike Where You Parked It

If only you had listened to your buddy and bought a motorcycle lock this wouldn’t have happened! Just imagine that sinking feeling in your stomach when you come back to where you left your motorcycle and there’s just an empty parking space. Well, a lock is a good form of security for your bike, but there are some things to consider before you buy the first one you find.

Most modern motorcycles have a built-in fork lock that keeps the handlebars in place and makes it impossible to steer. Of course, defeating the ignition lock and therefore the fork lock is the first trick most bike thieves learn.

Types of Motorcycle Locks

A disc lock is a great first step to securing your trusty steed. This type of motorcycle lock attaches to the brake disc of your bike and prevents the wheel from turning so the bike can’t be ridden or pushed. Disc locks are also very visible and invite would-be thieves to try an easier target. Bully Motorcycle Disc Lock (U-shaped) Disc locks come in a few different types with some having more of a padlock look with the familiar arch link, while others are low-profile models with a short locking pin that slides through a vent hole in the brake rotor. Made from heat-treated steel, these locks are difficult to remove by grinding or drilling.

The downside of disc locks is that if you come back and hop on your bike, it’s pretty easy to forget. And if you forget to remove it, you’re definitely not going far and when it jams you could make you dump the bike on its side or damage the fork leg or brake caliper of your bike. You can minimize the chances for embarrassing situations like these in a couple of ways. The least expensive way is to use a reminder strap, which is a cable that runs from the disc lock to your handlebar so you remember the lock is there. Of course, you have to remember to use it in the first place.

The more expensive way is to go a step beyond just having a disc lock. Some companies have come out with a disc lock combined with an alarm. In addition to the alarm going off when someone tries to steal your scooter, if you try to ride off without removing the disc lock, it will scream at you so you don’t forget! I really like this solution because it’s double protection and draws attention to someone trying to heist your pride and joy.

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