Motorcycle Racing Boots Give the Ultimate Foot Protection Tested by Professional Roadracers

Motorcycle racing boots are some of the most high-tech pieces of gear you can buy. They are constantly redesigned by input from professional roadracers like MotoGP stars Nicky Hayden and Valentino Rossi.

If they can protect these go-fast guys who tend to crash at speeds over 100 mph, you can probably find some that will fit the bill for you. Of course Hayden and Rossi get the most expensive boots for free, you and I need to weigh features vs price a bit before buying.

I bought my first pair back in 1997 and while they still have a lot of the same features as today’s models, there have been a lot of advances since then.

Check out the Alpinestars racing boots pictured below:

Motorcycle Racing Boot Features (Alpinestars)

  1. Toe Sliders offer racers a feel for the road when cornering at extreme lean angles. The slider is typically replaceable.
  2. Vents to allow air flow into the boot keep your feet cool on hot summer track days or sport rides. Many models of racing boots are vented, even this waterproof model.
  3. A Shin plate made from an abrasion resistant material such as polyurethane (PU) or carbon fiber help protect against both abrasion and impact in a crash.
  4. Zipper closure eases entry and exit from the boot and keeps them securely on your feet. A Velcro flap over the top adds a clean look and extra security.
  5. Reinforced shifter patch provides extra wear-resistance where the shifter meets the boot and makes shifting more comfortable.

    Motorcycle racing boots probably won't be the first choice of Harley or Gold Wing riders. Sport bike riders who are safety-conscious as well as fashion-conscious will be the ones considering these types of moto footwear. But, the same "win on Sunday, sell on Monday" mantra applies to motorcycle gear as well. The race boots worn in the top roadracing series are a testing ground for new technology in comfort and safety and will eventually trickle down into tomorrow's street bike wear. Sport touring boots now have some of the same safety features of race boots of the not too distant past.

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