Motorcyclist Magazine Gives You the Scoop On the Hottest New Stuff On Two Wheels

Motorcyclist Magazine was my first subscription to a motomag way back in the mid-90s. (Does that qualify for way back now?). With a great cast of young moto journalists, they had a great feel for bikes and a way with words. Their cast of characters has since fanned out across the industry, but Motorcyclist has managed to stay fresh and has even recently reinvented itself.

Whether it’s the newest big-bore superbike or the most laid-back cruiser or gas-sipping scooter, there's something for every fan of things with two wheels and an engine. They get their hands on all the new bikes well before they show up in your local showroom and they do the test rides that your dealer will never allow you to do. It can be a good source of info when you’re agonizing over which new bike to get.

They’ve been accused of concentrating too much on sport bikes over the years and with the recent changes they’ve made, that's not as true as it used to be. With a name like "Motorcyclist", you have to cover all things with two wheels and a motor. Sure, you’ll still see the annual literbike comparisons, but you’ll also see evaluations of motocross bikes, power cruisers, standards and even scooters.

The redesigned look and feel is for the better… at least in my opinion. Combine that with renowned motorcycle designer James Parker penning a tech column, Keith Code giving his Zen-like spin on racing and riding technique, and they’ve raised the bar.

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