OEM Motorcycle Parts Are No Longer Harder to Find Online Than Proof of Sasquatch

Buying OEM motorcycle parts isn't the same as buying them for your Chevy or Toyota. Sure, you might find an oil filter or valve stem cap at the auto parts store, but if you need say, new brake pads you're pretty much at the mercy of the local dealership that happens to sell your chosen make of bike.

Ah, the dreaded dealer. They have you over a barrel and their prices let you know they know the barrel they have you over. At last there is help out in cyberspace! And it's not just limited to the Big Four from Japan anymore. A few years ago, I would search for parts for my Triumph Daytona online and no one carried anything, so I had to go to the dealership for everything. Now, you can find online sources for Triumph, BMW, even Harley Davidson!

I'll be posting additional sources periodically, but here are the best sources I've found out there so far:

BikeBandit.comBike Bandit is the best site I've seen for finding OEM parts for a good range of bikes. Triumph, BMW, Harley Davidson, and of course the Big Four are represented. Ducati remains a more difficult nut to crack, unfortunately.

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