Pirelli Motorcycle Tires: Good Enough for World Superbikes, More Than Good Enough For Us Mortals

Pirelli motorcycle tires have been the only choice in the World Superbike (WSBK) championship since 2004. What does that mean to you, the potential motorcycle tire buyer? It means their tire designs are tested at the highest level of production motorcycle racing. And that means the lessons they learn on the track eventually trickles down to their street tires.

Race bikes need all the grip they can get their hands on under all sorts of extreme situations whether leaned over and on the gas, under heavy braking and acceleration, in extreme heat and everywhere in between. Incremental improvements and the occasional leap in the design of both the tire construction and materials add up to today's tires being much better than those made just a few years ago.

Speaking of New Technology...

New for 2009, is Pirelli's new "Angel ST" sport touring tire. Well, they've had the "Diablo" sport bike tire for a while now, so it's a fitting name.

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